Quotes about women shopping

Quotes about women shopping, spending money is a legend. We make fun of similar situations in our daily life, so some of these funny sayings might be very useful for your routine.

I like to see my money. That’s why it’s hanging in my closet…

It’s easier for a woman to buy everything than to choose one thing.

It’s easier to put a woman out of temper, than out of a clothing shop.

What does a woman have every month, which lasts 3 to 5 days? That’s right! A husband’s salary.

No woman ever said she didn’t need to go shopping because she had enough clothes.

The phrase that no woman ever said: I don’t need another pair of shoes!

A woman doesn’t believe in shooting stars, she believes in the shoes and cars.

When man wants immediate sex it is normally. But when woman immediately wants fur coat – that’s a cheek!

The height of high-heels is directly related to the probability of a trauma.

Dear husband, I got angry on you, thus I went out for shopping with your credit card. Maybe I will forgive you until the evening.

Clothes work like medical drugs for a woman. And you should never save for your healthiness.

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