Mother’s Day quotes

If you are looking for Mother’s Day quotes, you’ve come to the right place. But wait, did you know that in different countries people celebrate Mother’s Day on a different day, not even necessarily on spring. In some countries (more in the northern hemisphere) the Mother’s day is celebrated in April or May. For example, the majority of the countries, like the United States, Australia, Cuba, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Canada, Brasil, Italy and many others, Mother’s day is on the second Sunday of May, while in Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Mozambique it is the first weekend of May. Norway celebrate the day of moms on the second Sunday of February, Argentina – first Sunday of October, Russia – last Sunday of November. But no matter when you celebrate it, you’ll definitely make use of our Mother’s Day quotes, on the list below. Of course, if you are looking for funny quotes and sayings.

Dear Mom, I would like to thank you for marrying a rich guy.

Being a mother is not an easy task. If it were so easy, men would do it.

A woman who is speaking and no one listens to her is called a Mom.

And I say Happy Mother’s Day to the only person who actually stood between me and this cruel life of crime.

During the Mother’s Day we can allow someone else to enjoy the satisfaction of making some pancakes for me.

I sincerely thank you for being a great mom through my 30-year-awkward phase.

In case you were my mother, I’d still be breast-feeding.

Dear Mom, I can never repay you for everything you’ve given me. I also mean those $1000 I’m about to ask for.

Mom, thanks for always putting your unrealistic dreams for me ahead of my own.

I wish that cooking a meal during Mother’s Day didn’t require me to spend the rest of the fest cleaning the kitchen.

We have to congratulate with Mother’s Day those, who are smart enough to avoid motherhood.

Mother’s Day differs from all the rest days of the year, as during the fest mom gets at least one chance to sit down. And that is – on the toilet…

Every son is able to thank his mom for driving him to thousands of sport practices, music lessons, and other activities he has no intention of ever doing again.

Dear Mom, I can only imagine how proud you are of me for remembering to send you a Mother’s Day greeting

I wish happy Mother’s Day to you, hoping you’re my last stepmother.

You should bring your mother a bottle of a good wine for Mother’s Day, because usually you’re the reason she drinks.

I adore that we don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favorite kid.

Mothers are all slightly crazy.

If your first attempt fails, do like your mother told you. Happy Mother’s Day!

Maternity is when you notice your life has changed when going to the shop alone is like vacation.

Interesting fact – every mother gave a birth to her child except my mother, she gave a birth to a star. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom!

All I want for Mother’s Day is some sleeping pills and a hotel room.

My Mother’s Day present for you is not deleting your uncomfortable comments on my Facebook Timeline.

This year Mother’s Day we celebrated commercialization of our love with an overpriced lunch.

I wish Happy Mother’s day to one of my favorite parents.

I am surprised you have planned such a wonderful Mother’s Day for me not asking my help.

You better enjoy your happy Mother’s Day before your kids reach an age when they’re completely tired out from Mother’s Day.

I admit you really remind me of my real mom. Happy Mother’s day!

Mom, your love is never ending, like your voice mails.

Whose idea it was to make a holiday dedicated to moms and spend the weekend feeling the guilt and the shame.

Mother’s day is a good time to thank you for not getting divorced.

Before asking breakfast to bed, please teach me how to cook.

I believe your Mother’s Day is more pleasant than work was.

Every Mother’s Day reminds me that I have children.

Thanks to my mother for carrying me for 9 months physically and for 30 years financially.

You are the best mom in the world except Michelle Obama. Happy Mother’s Day!

I am happy your hangover didn’t ruin an amazing Mother’s Day celebration.

Mother is that kind of person, who can take others places, but no one can take hers.

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