Great sayings about women

In every culture there are lots of great sayings about women. And when talks about great sayings, we also mean funny ones. Check out these funny quotes about women and feel free to share your ones in the comments below.

Women are genius – they can wait all day for a call, so that they could not answer it!

There isn’t a problem that a woman can’t think of.

What a woman can do out of nothing? – A hairdo, a salad and a tragedy.

It seems that women can keep secrets. They will never admit where they spend the money.

Scientists found out what women want; unfortunately they have already changed their minds.

For a second time I make sure that women can keep secrets. In groups. Approximately with 40 people…

A woman that respects herself will never say: I was wrong. She will say: look how interestingly this turned out…

A real woman during her life should chop off a tree, tear down a house and raise a daughter.

I don’t know why, but my boyfriend’s wife hates me a lot.

A woman is just like a tea bag – only when getting in hot water that you can see how strong she is.

A woman never knows what she wants, but she gets mad if she can’t get it.

The women, who behave well, never make history.

When she’s picking at you it means that she cares, the minute she’s silent it means she’s planning your death.

Dear women, we can’t read your mind. So if you need something, just tell us.

I have question for all the girls who say that all the guys are the same… Who told you to try them all?

Nothing decorates the legs of a woman more than panties on their ankles.

Women don’t have overweight. It’s only additional space for kisses.

There will always be a prettier girl; you only need to find the one who won’t care.

My room is always clean, until I start getting dressed.

She is so strong – she even managed to get through to his turned-off phone.

It is scientifically proved that woman can be satisfied with 8,5 centimeters length. And there is no difference either it is MasterCard, or Visa.

Everything what your woman forgives you, she will remind you later on.

Never make eye contact with a man when eating a banana.

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