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This is one of our mostly beloved categories. True, funny, obvious but sometimes painful facts! We are quite sure that if you remember some of these funny sayings, you’ll be worth applauses and laughter if you say them during parties or meetings with your friends. Have fun!

Sex is inherited. If your parents didn’t have it, there is hardly any chance that you will have that possibility.

Your Finnish equipment will pay off faster if you eat cucumbers with milk every night.

If you got punched into the right cheek, turn the left one – the jowl will straighten up.

The second Archimedes’ principle: a liquid placed into the body will go to school after seven years.

You can’t change the place of a clyster.

Don’t hurry to your funeral. They won’t start without you.

The possibilities of medicine are unlimited. Only the possibilities of patients are limited. But that is already their problem.

Because of the defect in a parachute there is one person less on earth. In the case of the condom defect – one person more.

For a person who likes sausage and respects the law, it is better not to know how both of them are made.

Why do people keep banging their heads into the wall? Corners are more effective!

No one had died from impotence yet, also no one was born.

A Dzhigit wounded into the ass won’t run far.

It appeared that the light at the end of the tunnel was coming from a sign ‘No exit’.

You can spin as much as you wish; the butt is still at the back.

Why are there mistakes that you can’t fix and there are no mistakes that cannot be made?

When the ship is sinking, the simplest thing is to call it a submarine.

If you have no brains trust the experience. If you have no experience – trust!

It doesn’t matter how big the choice of food is, still the same product always leaves our system.

To feel the pleasure of flight you don’t need a parachute, you only need it if you want to feel it again.

Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has a tape.

The stains of oil paint won’t be as visible on your shirt if you don’t wear it anymore.

Why the truth does always come out? Because most of the time the truth is a complete shit.

Not everything is gold that shines, but everything that smells shit – is definitely shit!

I just noticed that I do actually smile every time I write a smiley.

There are only seven days in the week and “someday” isn’t one of them.

Smart has the plans, stupid has the stories.

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