Funny sayings about students

Students, their proficient way of studying, relations with professors in the universities and colleges are a legend for funny sayings and quotes. We share some good ones and at the same time invite you to post your sayings at the end of the page (in comments).

If you give a student the base, he will fall asleep.

There are two holidays for a student: New Year and every day!

It’s hard to study for a couple of years in the first semester, later it gets easier.

Education – is what is left after we forget everything we were taught.

It’s never too late to study; it’s only too late to use that knowledge.

What is the answer in sec2x (1-cos2x)= tan2x? Jesus is always the answer.

For 6 months I have lived without drinking, smoking, looking at girls, but then I started going to school…

If you are doing math and you think it’s easy, then you are doing it wrong.

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