Funny sayings about money

In every cultures money has been always a hot topic for people. That is probably one of the reasons why we have many funny sayings about money. And the attitude in these funny sayings may sometimes help us, when our pockets are empty. Check the funny sayings about money below.

If you could choose between the World Peace and Bill Gates’ money, what color would be your Ferrari?

Money comes and goes, and goes, and goes…

Money ended but habits stayed.

Money is not the most important thing, but nice.

If money was evil, it wouldn’t be so easy to get rid of it.

The most valuable money is the money that you have to give back.

If you’re rich, I’m single.

ATM showed: ‘Insufficient funds’. And I thought – me or the bank?

We do not serve clients with credit cards ‘I will bring it tomorrow’.

Don’t steal, government hates competition.

Greedy person pays twice. Dumb person pays three times. Tax payer pays always.

If you think that the government doesn’t care about you, try at least once not to pay your taxes!

I paid my taxes, now rest in peace (An inscription on a tombstone)

When we break the law we pay fines, when we act right we pay taxes.

Don’t steal! Government doesn’t like competition.

Our nation was promised so much and it’s still not enough for her.

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

People say money talks. I don’t know about theirs, but mine always just waves Goodbye…

I have enough savings for the rest of my life. If I died the coming Wednesday.

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