Funny boss sayings

Need a boss saying for a boss day or any other occasion? Have good informal relationship with your boss and you think a funny saying would cheer him/her up? Get to know some:

The boss is right.

The boss is always right.

The boss is not sleeping- he’s resting.

The boss is not eating- he’s gathering his strength.

The boss is not drinking- he’s tasting.

The boss is not late- he’s being held up in a meeting.

The boss never makes any mistakes- the employees do them.

You can come in into the boss’s office with your ideas but come out with his.

The boss doesn’t read newspapers and magazines during work – he’s collecting important information.

The boss is not harassing the young co-workers- he’s just showing the male attention.

You should smile more frequently – the boss likes idiots!

Who knows – does, who doesn’t know – teaches, who doesn’t know how to teach – leads.

If your job is to tell me how to do my job, then you should at least know what job I’m doing.

Being a leader means to take hard decisions and to learn to like being alone. The tiger walks alone. Sheep have lots of company…

You can’t believe, but it happens: when one man goes on holidays, everyone takes rest.

The hardest part of the boss is to be nice to stupid people.

If an employee comes to you to complain about his salary, tell him, that he can’t buy happiness with money, but he can buy a bike and that is pretty close.

Rule number 1: the boss is always right.

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