Women: money & beauty

Women, money and beauty are inseparable topics. One follows the other, and vice versa. Get to know some of the best funny sayings of this topic.

Funny sayings about women: money & beauty

Nothing irritates a woman more in man’s appearance that the lack of money.

It’s easy to make a woman happy – just not that cheap.

If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world wouldn’t make sense.

Arguing with a woman – is like a visit to the dentist: or very painful or very expensive.

A woman is helpless until the nail polish is dry.

A real woman has to do three things in life. Just don’t be stupid and get stuck with a fur coat.

Breasts are the face of a woman.

Nothing decorates a woman more than a husband’s absence at home.

God created a man, and then he thought he could do better and created a woman.

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