Women character and stereotypes

Every men would admit: women character and way of thinking, decisions are beyond the horizons of understanding capabilities of any men. Thus there are many funny sayings  about women character and stereotypes. If you know some more, that are funny ones, but not on the list below – share it through the comments section at the end of the page – we will be glad to include them in our databases (surely, if it will be a really funny saying).

Funny sayings about women character and stereotypes:

Women are smarter than men; they know less but understand more.

A naive woman believes in the oaths of a man, an experienced woman believes in compliments.

Women rarely know what they want, but they desperately have to get it.

There is one thing that men and women agree on: they all don’t trust women.

There are two ways to control a woman, but no one knows them…

The smartest woman is the one that lets the man act as he wants – stupidly.

If the efforts spent on the research of the female breasts were oriented towards space explorations, now we would be selling hot dogs on the moon.

A beautiful woman has to have four animals: a falcon on her shoulder, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in bed and an old goat who will pay for all of that.

Women rarely forgive for jealousy, but never for its absence.

Woman – a complete opposite of a dog. A dog understands everything but can’t say anything.

In the beginning, God created the earth. He rested. Then he created a man. He rested. Then God created a woman. Neither God nor man rested from that day.

A woman behind a steering wheel – is like a monkey with a grenade.

A single woman is like a hunting lioness, and a married woman – like a guard dog.

Initiative of a scandal is the merit of a man, but the sound recording of a woman.

If a woman is showing a turn, it means she will turn in some junction.

A smart woman knows when to be stupid.

A real woman will never show that she’s jealous.

If you want to assure piece in the world, women have to rule it. The only negative thing about it would be that the countries would not be talking to each other.

When woman says “do whatever you want” that actually means “do not do whatever you want”.

I tried searching on Google to find out what do women want. But Google result was: “We are searching too”…

The line between wrong and right is as wide as the thread from a spider‘s web…

If you want to awake the internal world of a woman, you don’t need to get through all of her holes.

A women gets angry when her friend eats as much but stays slim.

Every women would love to be a mermaid so that they could fall sleep in a bath-tube and would not die.

Every clever woman perfectly knows when to be stupid.

The logics of a woman: I called myself the beast. Now he should say a compliment.

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