The beauty of a women

Funny sayings about the beauty of a woman – check these great sayings. There is a constant fight of beauty vs mind, but in funny sayings typically beauty wins.

There is only one person that I envy. It’s my mother…because she has such a wonderful daughter like me!

A beautiful girl looks good in the background of her smart friend.

A beautiful woman delights a man’s eye, an ugly – woman’s eye.

Darling, you are the most beautiful woman in this party! Did you invite these guests on purpose?

No matter how I look, you’re still a fool.

All women want to have a photo of their image in the mirror…

In the competition of female logics, a random number generator won.

A woman is changing not with the years, but with the men.

The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are cheaper to buy.

Do you think that every girl’s dream is to find the perfect guy? Come on, please, every girl’s dream is to get thin by eating cakes.

Howcome a woman eats 1 kilo sweets and is able to gain 5 kilos overweight.

Dietitian recommendation: if you want to lose weight you should refuse only three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My wardrobe is classical: I have nothing to wear. And there is a shelf named “in case I’ll lose weight”.

Beautiful woman is a weapon, but if she’s also clever, that’s a bomb.

Women should be dressed with clothes that would not meet your eye, but you should at least be able to see them.

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