Funny sayings about women and men

Check out the below listed funny sayings. They all reflect stereotypes of women and men behavior. Some of these sayings are sometimes very realistic, aren’t they? 🙂


If a man gives you flowers without any reason, it means there is a reason.

Mind is a woman’s value, until there’s a man around.

Women can perfectly understand other people, if the people are not men.

Women are very good! They can forgive a man…even if he’s not guilty.

Women are the flowers of life – you can only put them into the water or into the ground.

A toast to women: it’s not that good with you, as it is bad without you.

When a woman’s heart gets cold, her head starts working.

Why when a girl sleeps with a guy she is called a slut, but if a guy sleeps with a slut – that is not the same?

Don’t look for ‘the one’ in night clubs and bars; she is sleeping at home during the night.

Don’t look for a perfect woman – today I will be at home…

Talking about girls is like talking about the dead – good or nothing.

A road to a man’s heart gets shorter, when he has a car.

You should make a great man for yourself, but not get a made one.


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