Funny facts about women

Every woman is unique. But there are quite many things that we generalize and say that some specific behavior is inherent for women only. And that is the source for funny sayings. Of course, normally these are created by males, trying to make fun of women and they reflect our stereotypes in some cultures. Please check these funny facts about women and if you know more – share them with us in the comments.

Why does everyone say that women love money? They don’t, look how fast they spend it.

Female logic: I’m sad. I will buy something I don’t even need.

Women go on a diet on 3 occasions:
1. When they break up with a guy
2. When they meet a guy
3. On Mondays

Women are like theater – comedy today, tragedy tomorrow and the day after tomorrow a tour to another city.

No other hobby takes away so much time, money, strength and health as a woman.

Women, stop losing weight. We will lie on planks in our grave.

All the women are the same, only some of them don’t show it.

Woman’s folk wisdom: everything that I don’t remember – didn’t happen.

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We will be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes.

Every nice woman should have one man. And many of those, who want to be in his place.

Weapons must be kept in holsters, and that is why women wear bra.

When I am sitting in a bar, drinking cocktail and a man comes to me with proposal to pay my bill, I always hand him my bills for electricity and gas.

If you consider women to be the weak gender, try to take the pull the blanket from her in the night-time.

How to make a woman nervous in just a couple of seconds? Take a picture of her and… do not show it for her.

Women never notice what we do for them, but they always notice, what we don’t.

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