Men‘s relationship with women

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If a woman has fallen – an idiot will walk by, a gentleman will help her to get up, but a real man will lie down with her.

Man’s appearance is not the most important thing. There are worse flows.

Love & relationship

If a woman is cold as a fish, a man has to be as patient as a fisherman.

If a man is hanging noodles on your ears, it remains to wrap them on his horns.

The end of a relationship isn’t the worst thing. It’s worse when it doesn’t end after the end.

Men, if you have met your dream girl, materialize her.

My ex wrote to me: Can you delete my number? I responded: Who is this?

My girlfriend asked me to show 132 on my fingers in binary numeral system. I wish I haven’t done that.

I never could bring a woman into my house. At first, because of the parents. Later, because of the wife.

It’s enough of one stranger’s wife, but two of your own is not enough.

I can only stand a woman being by my side from sundown to sunrise.

There is nothing worse than cheating on a woman. But nothing is more enjoyable if you succeed.

You can’t choose the right key to a woman’s heart? Try choosing for some other place.

If it’s getting cramped in the closet, you should look for a new hiding place.

Living together

A man is someone who would die for his woman, rather than live with her.

If a wife is asking for something, you should disappoint her so that she wouldn’t notice it.

If you want to be TOGETHER, you have TO-GET-HER.

If a man wants an angel in his life, first of all, he needs to create a paradise on earth for her.

If a man treats his girlfriend as a princess, it means he was raised by a queen.


A woman is hiding her past from a man. A man is hiding her future.

How can men and women understand each other when they want different things? A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man.

Women never forget men that they were happy with, men – women that they failed to have.

We should carry women in our hands, but often they climb on our head.

Female problems are nothing compared to male ones, from which the female ones were born.

I never got to answer one question, which never aquatically was answered: what do women want?

Men always go to the left because women are always right.

When a woman says that she‘ll be ready in 10 minutes, she is using the same time-scale as a man, when he is saying that the game will be over in 10 minutes.

Don’t worry if you had a bad day – just remember, that some people have the name of their Ex’s tattooed on their body.

When a woman falls in love, no-one knows that, except herself. When a man falls in love, everybody knows it, except her.

If you are having a dispute with a woman and you hear her saying “WOW” – you should run.

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