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I was born to live, not please everyone.

And they lived happily and often ever after.

Nothing poisons life more than potassium cyanide.

Take everything from life. Just remember where you took it from.

We only live once. I couldn’t bare a second time.

1/7 of our lives are Mondays.

Living is good. But I’d prefer to live good somewhere else.

Nerve cells are born and die, and fat cells – live forever!

The longer the diagnosis, the shorter is the life left to live.

If a person really wants to live, the medicine is helpless.

Live as someone has left an open gate for you.

Life is short. Have a bit of patience…

Value the time! It’s the substance that life is made of.

If you didn’t manage to make your life great, it means life did you.

‘How’s your health?’ ‘It’s enough for life!’

Life always turns out not as you want but as it should be.

Death takes away the best people. It means that I will live long and long.

It would be nice to live as everyone else, but my conscience wouldn’t let me.

Anniversary is when there are lots of flowers and you are still alive.

Simple rule to follow in your life: do your best and let God do the rest.

If the music is too loud – most probably you’re too old.

I do very bad things, and I do them extremely well.

Life belongs to optimists. Pessimists are just viewers.

Life is so short to ruin it for everyone.

Shit happens, just flush it down and move on.

Some days I just don’t have enough middle fingers to go around…

Brains are awesome, I wish everybody had one.

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

There is no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs.

It’s Friday today and all I have planned for tonight is drinking and drinking. Oh and, did I mention drinking?

The older you get, the better you get, unless you are a banana.

Run for your life – there are stupid people everywhere.

If life dropped you a lemon, look for salt and tequila.

Any home can be a castle when the King and Queen are in love.

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