Funny sayings about death

No matter how serious death topic is, there are funny sayings about death as well. Check some of the best sayings related to it!


The door to the other world is the window on the 18th floor.

It’s not bad when someone is laughing at you, it’s worse when they’re crying for you.

The last one laughing is the one who shoots first.

The most popular last words:

1. ‘Don’t worry, it’s not loaded.’

2. ‘What will happen if we join these two wires?’

Pedestrian is always right, even when he’s dead.

Murdered while trying to commit suicide.

Carry the charges carefully: it’s better to be seen than to be remembered.

No one died from news yet, but it’s better not to risk it.

‘So far, everything seems to be normal’ a man jumping from the 10th floor was thinking while flying through the third floor.

It’s important not to fall into the coffin face down…

If you don’t have any problems – it means you’re dead.

Everything ends one day, but differently for everyone.


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