Funny sayings about beauty

Beauty and woman, beauty VS brains – these are the main topics of the funny sayings about beauty. Read our list of such funny sayings – we hope you will use them in some situations, will have a chance to say them aloud or at least think about them in relevant situations. Let’s make our lives full of fun!

One head is good. Two – already ugly.

If you see nothing when you look at the mirror, it means you’re unrepeatable.

At the zoo: ‘Mom, is this a monkey?’ ‘No, it’s only the cashier.’

I can admire myself in the mirror for hours: smart, beautiful, hard-working…I look much worse with my clothes on.

It is said that some girl have legs growing from their ears or their neck gracefully leading to their legs. But in that case, it is scary to think from where their arms grow.

Nothing suits a girl more than simplicity and see-through clothes.

Her suit reminded a good toast. Long enough to highlight what’s important and at the same time short so that the audience wouldn’t lose interest.

A girl is beautiful or everything is ok with her head.

The better the shape, the more expensive is the maintenance.

Not the clothes decorate a girl, but their absence.

Nature rewarded her with beauty. This is where the gifts ended.

There’s nothing more beautiful in nature as a woman…And nothing more horrible than ‘men’ trying to imitate them.

Trying to choose the perfect dress for one night can destroy an entire room.

Golden rule: it’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly or smelly.

Today I see a lot of clothes with no people inside…

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