Funny sayings about technologies

Read through the funny sayings about technologies. Sayings about computers, Facebook, Windows, computer/human relations, smart technologies. All these funny sayings would be understandable for most of regular people – one does not need great technology skills to understand the sayings – just very basic knowledge about technologies.


Why are the camera lens circular and the photos rectangular?

UNIX – you can keep to yourself, DOS – you can share with your friend, Windows – you can give to your enemy.

Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 8

Computer does what you command him to do but not what you want from him.

Daddy, daddy! What does ‘Format C: complete’ means?

Do you know how the computer won against Kasparov? Very easy – he made a check and froze.

Windows 8 install program: computer not detected.

Do you know that every time you push a key on your computer, you kill more than a thousand microbes?

People can be divided into two categories: the first category doesn’t know who Bill Gates is; the second one doesn’t love him.

The more I get to know people, the more I start loving computers.

Do you want to change your life completely? Don’t pay for the Internet.

Programmers dream – Active XXX.

Not everything is Windows that hangs…

To be wrong is human, to blame your computer – is even more human.

Be careful with your keyboard. It’s the organ of communication with the outside world.

Soon, Windows pack will contain a tube of Colgate toothpaste.

Spelling mistakes are never visible before you push ‘send’.

When creating a system which even a stupid person can use. Only he will use it.

At first it was a bit, later a byte and only then it became a word.

We will create the artificial intelligence, naturally when the real one will appear.

It’s interesting how much half-liter is a megabit.

Who the hell is ‘General Failure’ and why is he reading my hard drive?

They’re giving 8 bits for one byte!

Facebook is a social networking, not a diary


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