Funny sayings about nations

Cultural differences have always been a part of humor world. Check funny sayings about nations: Americans, Russians, Chinese, English, and Jews, Nigeria, Eskimos, Georgians and others.

Drink like you were a Russian, drive like a German, wear like an Italian, kiss like a French.

Heaven is an old English house, Chinese kitchen, American salary and a Russian wife. Hell is an old Chinese house, English kitchen, Russian salary and an American wife.

Americans work if they do it well. Russian work if they are paid well.

Georgian – is a name, Jew – is a calling, Gypsy – is a profession, Russian – a destiny…

Georgians wear a golden chain, so that they could see where to stop when they’re shaving.

When two tigers are fighting, the Chinese man sitting in the tree wins.

Commenting on the actions of Clinton in Iraq, the president of Byelorussia Lukashenka said: This whole operation can simply be called ‘Lewinsky in the dessert’.

A black diplomat missing. Founders please deliver to the embassy of Nigeria.

Three mandates of an Eskimo:

  1. Don’t eat yellow snow.
  2. Never eat yellow snow.
  3. Never again eat yellow snow.

Sayings about Jews

Who travels faster than light? A Jew with a discount card.

‘Better late than never’ an old Jew said putting his head on the tracks and watching the train ride away.

Funny sayings about Russians

Aquafresh – a Russian flag in a toothpaste.

A drunken Russian hacker is practically invincible.

Alien proverb: an uninvited guest is worse than Gagarin.

Russian central bank: We turn your rubles into money.

A New Russian watches as his villa burns: ‘If this doesn’t destroy the cockroach!’

If a new Russian buys a Bentley – it doesn’t mean he’s rich. Maybe he was saving for three months!

It’s easy to live in Russia, it’s hard to survive.

Russia is a big country and no one to sleep with…

The best five years in the new Russian’s life are the ones spent in the third grade.

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