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What is 90-60-90? Driving past the cops in the city.

There are two types of pedestrians: quick and dead.

From the driving course material: The side mirror of a car is needed for the transfer of the rear – view to the drivers’ eye.

A car is not a luxury. A luxury is what makes the car going.

Driver, be careful of the places where children appear from!

Don’t trust the traffic light; believe in the car heading towards you.

A sticker on the bumper: Drive on the footpath – there are too many idiots on the road.

Pedestrian is always right. While he’s alive.

There is all the information you need in the road map, just not how to fold it back again.

If a pensioner is showing a turn, it means he forgot to turn it off.

Sex is like motorsports, it’s important not to spare money for good and qualitative rubber.

Hundred is not speeding, a pole is not an obstacle.

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