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It’s hard to live with me. But those who love me – cope with it.

Relationships without trust are like phones without connection, without it we start playing games.

It’s not me who doesn’t have a boyfriend, it’s the boyfriend who doesn’t have me.

In an ideal family, a man thinks that the dinner appears in the fridge on its own, and wife – that the money appears in the cabinet.

A woman: I had a new haircut and he didn’t even notice. But when I caved in the bumper, he was waiting for me only in his underwear.

Never make a woman you love cry, it will be painful to see another man wipe her tears.

I would hit you, but that would be cruel behavior with animals.

Unfortunately, sometimes a woman can’t find a man. She doesn’t like drunken ones, and the sober ones doesn’t like her.

A man has the same right to be mad when you lower the toilet lid, as you, when you find it raised.

The best feeling is to realize your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is a complete downfall.

Your woman stopped complaining and she’s all glowing and looks good? Congratulations! Now she’s not your woman any more.

I am single because I can’t find a man with bigger balls than mine.

If you’re a smart man you will know that it’s best to ask a woman.

You should know that you’re my biggest ‘what if’.

When you text a guy and he doesn’t respond, it only means one thing, that he was so excited that he fainted.

People are saving money for a rainy day and spend them on a wedding. A coincidence?

Men do really like when women dress like they’re going to meet their worst enemy that day.

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