Funny sayings about marriage

Funny sayings about marriage – best sayings, quotes and wits about marriage itself and life in marriage. If you are not sure you want to get married, these funny sayings may help you make the decision. Joke! Have fun reading them!

Funny sayings about marriage

Second marriage is the victory of faith against the sane mind…

A real man won’t change anything in a woman, except her last name.

Women, get married! Every man should be punished.

Life doesn’t always end with death, sometimes it ends with a marriage.

Marriage is a life that you can’t be bailed out from.

Do you know why the bride is wearing white at the wedding and the groom – black? It symbolizes the victory of good over the evil.

It’s never too late to get married, but it’s always too early.

If I’m not married until I’m 20, later it will be too early.

A second marriage is the victory of hope against the sanity.

Safe sex is the one that doesn’t lead to marriage.

Funny sayings about life when married

Marriage gives an opportunity to solve problems together, which you wouldn’t have alone.

I divorced my wife because she used to spend all of my money. Now that I live alone, I can’t understand where she used to get that money from.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Mexican soap operas? In Brazilian – they suffer and then get married and in Mexican they get married first and then suffer.

To the question of a questionnaire ‘marital status’ I proudly answered ‘on top’.

If spouses are silent, it means they have something to say to each other.

If only it would be possible to go on a honeymoon alone…

I’m changing a heaven in dormitory into a hell at home.

Other funny sayings related to marriage

To fall in love with a married woman is not good for all three.

I understand living with one woman, but with one and the same?!

To get married at 21 is the same as to leave a party at 21:30.

I don’t understand why should I get married and make one girl very happy, if I can stay a bachelor and make hundreds of them happy.

It’s a joke to you and I’m getting married.

‘Maybe I should get married?’ I asked myself. And threatened myself: ‘I will get married!’

Women, don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him.

They lived long and happily! And after that they have met!

We now live in a house full of monsters that we have made ourselves…

No one can scare me anymore since I got married…

Couples typically divorce due to religious differences – when he doesn‘t admit that she is the God.

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