Funny Father’s Day quotes

My dream for Father’s Day is not to be a father for that day.

I promise my Dad to give him grandsons who’ll tease me as much as I teased him.

It was easy to get a gift for Father’s Day thanks to my father’s psychotic love of baseball.

I like how we don’t need to say loudly that I’m your favorite son.

Your most legitimate children wish you happy Father’s Day!

Dad, you taught me all those instructional things that can be easily found on YouTube videos.

I wish Happy Father’s Day to a man who’ll probably ask me to help him opening this card.

Let’s hope your Father’s Day will so pleasant as all days before having children.

Dad, would be great if your belt comes off today for a different reason than usually.

Happy Father’s Day to all new born daddies who are probably already asleep.

I’ll put at least the same efforts for Father’s Day as you did for Mother’s Day.

You’re the only person on earth willing to employ me. Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from a woman who to have a baby from you.

You spent less time for planning to be a father than I’ve spent planning your Father’s Day.

Dad, I wish you to enjoy the only day in a year when the fatherhood is taken seriously.

I’m thankful to my father for having me before the Internet would destroy my childhood.

You’ll be a great father one day accidentally.

Let this Father’s Day will be a reminder for some fathers that they need to start using condoms.

Happy Father’s Day for my second least favorite parent on Facebook.

Your little mistake wishes you happy Father’s Day!

Dad, it’s great you’ve joined a different dating website than me.

My dad would get an award for being the best weekend dad ever.