Funny Facebook sayings

Here are some great funny sayings related to Facebook – the most popular social network on the planet. Like other top companies, such as Microsoft, Apple or Google, there are great sayings related to Facebook-mania as well.  

I have switched my Facebook name to “Nobody”. When I don’t like the post of my friend, I press “like” and then there is a note: “Nobody likes this”.

Change yourself. Not your Facebook status.

You want to be remembered? Change your Facebook date of birth to today…

When I was a child, my social network was called ‘the yard’.

Your safe Facebook password must contain at least two numbers, a symbol, a capital letter…also an inspirational message, a spell, a secret gang sign, hieroglyphs and virgin blood.

Facebook is the only place on the planet where it is acceptable to talk to a wall.

Quitting Facebook – that’s a new way how teenagers run away from home nowadays.

My parents should be proud of me – I’m addicted to Facebook, but not to drugs..

Facebook should have a limit on how many times you can change your ‘status’. After five times it should automatically set the default of “Unstable”.

Facebook would by way more interesting if you could indicate where you are poking your friend.

Liking your Facebook status is the same as giving yourself a high five in a public place.

Note to my stalker: welcome to my timeline!

Husband confesses his wife: Darling, I have cheated on you – last night I slept with Facebook.

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