Funny Easter sayings

Welcome to the best online place for Funny Easter sayings. To make this year’s spring fest a really memorable, we have gathered a bunch of funny sayings that would really help you make your Easter a great feast. Of course, this is a religious feast, thus some jokes mention Jesus Christ and you need to accept black humor – be ready to.

If you know a great funny Easter saying, that is not on our website yet, please share it with us through the comments section at the bottom of the page.  And feel free to use any of the saying below for your Easter greetings. Happy Easter!

I don’t understand why so many women think that Easter Sunday is a Decoration Day.

Don’t be upset, some Bunny really loves you. Happy Easter!

I wish I could decorate Easter eggs with you or a little bit better artist.

An Easter bonnet can put down even the wildest rabbit.

Easter should remind you of how boring the death could be.

Let’s feast the end of Lent by doing the things we pretended to quit for Lent.

Some sweets will help to distract us from the scary idea about a man being nailed to the cross.

I have no tampons so started using a Peep.

You seem to be grown-up to be told that the Easter Bunny and Jesus do not exist.

Would be great to be resurrected from the dead on Sunday so I could have an excuse for missing the work on Monday.

Easter wisdom says you’ll be able to place truth in a grave, but you can’t keep it there.

Do you sometimes behave badly? Imagine how bad you would be if Jesus had not died for you.

I’m eating meat just because I want my coworkers to give up talking to me for lent.

Your birthday saves April from being the month of a hideous biblical tragedies.

I’m very religious: I stop drinking for Lent and giving up Lent for St. Patrick’s Day.

I believe I’m being a better person and getting closer to God by spending seven weeks without eating any M&M’s.

I wish you Hoppy Easter!

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