Funny sayings about drinking effect

On this page you will find funny sayings about drinking effect. Still, Funny drinking sayings are not intended to promote drinking. We stand for responsible drinking and limited use of alcohol.

There are a lot of female hormones in beer. When I drink five bottles I also can’t drive a car and start behaving illogically.

Drunkenness is not a flow, but a way of communication.

Someone who wants – will always get drunk. Someone who drank already – will find more.

I like singing lullabies to my children. Sometimes I sing them until the dawn, often – with my friends.

…after the third time I figured out that the door was to the right.

Life is good if the cognac that we’re drinking is older than the women that we love!

Objective reality – is the nonsense which is caused by the absence of alcohol in your blood system.

There are 24 hours in a day and there are 24 beer cans in the box. You think it’s just a coincidence?

Two beer or not two beer? That is the question.

H. J. Simpson: To beer! The cause and solution of all problems.

Airplane crew was out of fuel so they flew sober.

Give a fish to a human – and he will be full for the whole day. Teach a human to fish – and he will be sitting all day in a boat drinking beer.

Alcohol is not the answer, it just makes you forget the question.

When people tell me “you are going to regret in the morning”, I sleep until noon because I’m a problem solver.

Drinking vodka gives me superpowers – I get super drunk.

I needed only one more glass of wine to start planning my own surprise party.

Drinking and parties

It’s not a drunken party if you’re not ashamed the next day.

About parties: often we find out about the best times of our lives from the witnesses.

Once again there is no reason not to drink.

If you didn’t write to your sympathy when you were drunk, it means you weren’t drunk enough.

Work hard, party harder

It doesn’t matter how much you feed the guest, he will still get drunk.

Funny sayings about drinking limits

…50 grams more of investment and I will be a real estate…

You have to know the limits of your drinking, because you might not drink enough.

We gathered here to have a drink. So let’s drink for gathering!

If a person can lie on the ground not holding on to anything, he’s not drunk yet.

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